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Song Lyrics

Here are the lyrics to the few songs I wrote which were supposed to be sung by Radioactive (the fictional band headed by my character Damien). "Someone Is Watching You" and "Hiding In The Shadows," I believe, are referenced/quoted in Lucifer and Minot, respectively, so there's some character/storyline mythology involved with some of these songs, yet I'll refrain from getting into that here. A few of these have tunes; most don't. A few might be kind of okay, but most are really lame. So you've been warned.

Table Of Contents

All Over The Place

And If I Go


5000 Apologies

Hiding In The Shadows

High Magic

Holding On

How Easy It Would Be

Love Makes Me Wonder What

Moon In Your Eyes

A Paler Shade Of You

The Road Goes On Forever

Social Indiscretion

Someone Is Watching You

Something To Hold On To

Stealing Heaven

They Say

Too Much Unsaid

When You Close Your Eyes

Who Can You Trust?

Miscellaneous Writing

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