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Love Makes Me Wonder What

Love Makes Me Wonder What

I've driven myself crazy thinking of a way to approach you
Going over scenes in my mind, what I should say or do
And when the time comes I'll just be blank with nothing to say
Standing alone on the sidewalk while you just walk on your way

Why my hesitation? Why your vanity?
Love is just crazy, it's sanctioned insanity

LOVE MAKES ME WONDER WHAT we will and what we won't do
Falling in and out again and nobody has a clue
When you love someone you share your soul
You never want to let them go
But don't trust your heart, you're better off alone

I'm trying to make you notice but I know that you don't see
You're too wrapped up in yourself to even notice me
Why can't I turn away and go look for someone else?
'Cause I'm too lonely to be out all by myself

Why my hesitation?...


(Guitar solo)


--March 1998

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