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When You Close Your Eyes

When You Close Your Eyes

The word came to me just this morning
About all that has happened to you
And all I can ask is how is it
When your days here with us were so few?

I ponder the thoughts in your mind
The shortness of your turn to live
The irony of giving up all
When life was all you had to give

Chorus One:
WHEN YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES, can you see the light?
Or is all that you see just the dark?
Where will you go, or go nowhere at all
On this journey that you now embark?

(Guitar solo)

I sit in the cold autumn rain
And all I can see is your face
Would you have been better off here
Or are you destined for some greater place?

I try to console those around me
But I just feel so empty inside
You are not all that has left us
For a small part of me too has died

(Repeat first chorus)

Chorus Two:
WHEN YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES, can you hear my voice?
Or can you not even hear your own cries?
Is there more to what is, or is nothing at all?
Will I learn all when I close my eyes?
What will happen when we close our eyes?

--September 1997

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