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Who Can You Trust?

Who Can You Trust?

I unlock the front door and I
Step inside my room at night
I reach out for the switch and
Click it but there is no light

The room is cold, there's no one home
As I look around and round
I call your name, but there's no reply
My voice the only sound

When the one you trust
Is the one who brings your world crashing down?
I tried to see
But you betrayed me
So if you come back there'll be no one around

I thought I knew you and I
Thought that you were the one for me
I thought I could trust you but this
Dark has opened my eyes so I can see

You sang your song, you played me along
Taking me for the fool
But I know you now, the real you inside
And your love was nothing but cruel


(Guitar solo)

I gave you my heart, but you tore it apart
Leaving me shaken and bruised and sore
You taught me that giving my love
Is something I won't do anymore

(Chorus twice, first time substituting "you'll have no one" for "there'll be no one around")

--December 1997

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