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5000 Apologies

5000 Apologies

Once is not enough when I'm dealing with someone like you

When I do something wrong you come at me like a raging storm
Your eyes flash lightning and your mood it goes from cold to warm
If I should try to speak your look tells me I've nothing to say
To make it better but somehow I've got to find a way

Once is not enough when I'm dealing with someone like you
(Someone like you)
I'm not much warmer if I try two, twelve, or twenty-two
If I'm on my knees
I beg you please
To accept my 5000 APOLOGIES

Your moods, they come and go but I set them off like people will
I've got to find a way to avoid your Arctic chill
If I should shut my mouth you accuse me of being impolite
To speak or keep my tongue? How to choose which is more right?


Why don't you learn to relax sometime?
What's that, I've made you angry?
Well excuse my mouth
Excuse my mind
I just thought a break would be nice
What's that, I've got you mad?
Well I'm sorry once
I'm sorry twice

(Guitar solo)

I think it's time for us to reach some sort of compromise
I think it would be best just to relax--yes, it would be wise
But looking in your eyes I see that thunder brewing strong
Just give me a moment, I've got to figure out what I did wrong

(Chorus twice)

(Ad-lib to fade)

--March 1998

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