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Miscellaneous Writing

Here is the home of miscellaneous writing, which at the current time consists mainly of what I call "childhood" writings, although some of these, such as the unfinished novel True Believers, are not technically from childhood. Basically, these are mainly older works of mine which are poor by today's standards, yet which are still important to me as they show the progress I've made, plus they contain important backstory for my newer work. Please see the "Childhood Writing" page for more information on this.

The other material is stuff I've written since coming online (circa 2000 and up), as well as poetry and song lyrics written before that time but beyond my "childhood" era.

Table Of Contents

Childhood Writing
Childhood and older written works of mine, including unfinished series.

Miscellaneous Fiction
Various items that do not fit into my main storylines, as well as a few more outdated/unfinished items that do.

Poems (mostly nature related) written after my childhood years.

Song Lyrics
Lyrics to songs I wrote for my fictional band Radioactive.

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