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Miscellaneous Fiction

Basically, this here is stuff that 1. doesn't fit into my regular storylines, and 2. was mostly written after my "childhood" years--i. e., after coming online in 2000. I'm sure there are some exceptions but that's the general idea. Just random stuff.

I'm also going to include some junk that does fit into my storylines but is somewhat older and either kind of outdated or in an unfinished/undesirable state for placing it with my "regular" writing. So browse around a bit if you want to see a few miscellaneous things related to my stories.

Table Of Contents

Antakh Of The Apsiu (Second Version)
Three races. One fate. Short tie-in to my novel Horus. (Unfinished novella.)

When you don't know where you are, or why... (Short fiction.)

Character Interviews
Interviews with Charmian and Augwak of Manitou Island.

An implacable beast nears... (Short fiction.)

Damien Dialogue Samples
Dialogue samples for my character Damien.

The Day Of The First Time: Egyptian Creation Mythology
Short essay.

Deep Dark Secrets
Letter from one character to another. (Short fiction.)

Devil's Kitchen Story
The legend of Devil's Kitchen, Mackinac Island. (Short story.)

Diamonds In The Snow
Tell me about one time when you saw diamonds in the snow... (Short essay.)

Solstice magic... (Short fiction.)

Egyptian Mythology Guest Column
Guest column I did for an online writing newsletter.

Facing The Maiden
A knight rescues a maiden. But who trapped her here? And why? (Short Jungian fiction.)

The False Pirate
What do you do when you find out you're not who you thought you were? A dream, retold. (Short fiction.)

The False Pirate (Original Version)
Original, formerly lost version of the story. (Short fiction.)

Fantasy Item
Short personal essay about fantasy writing.

Five Random Scenes
Five short fiction scenes written to illustrate character emotion. D Is For Damien, The Trench Rats, and Horus related.

Francois's Journal
Entry from Francois LaCroix's (Manitou Island) journal.

From The Silver Car
Unfinished combo of Lovecraft and Ojibwa myth. (Short fiction.)

Don't get THIS guy angry!... (Short fiction.)

The Horror In The Glass
Unfinished attempt at crossing my fiction...with Lovecraft!

Hypnosis Session
Partial transcript of a hypnosis session with Det. Max Kristeva.

I Could Never Tell You...
Letter from one character to another; followup to "Deep Dark Secrets." (Short fiction.)

Some nonsensical injokes of mine.

Kemet/Manitou Island Story Pt. 1
Unfinished attempt at crossing two of my storylines.

KK:Y2K2: The Experiment Begins!
The beginning of a grand new...ah, forgeddaboudit. (First chapter of an attempted KK restart.)

Law & Order Intro
L&O-style intro I did for myself in a forum.

Manabozho Scene
Early version of a scene in Return To Manitou Island.

Manitou Island Dictionary
Outdated attempt at a basic dictionary for the serial.

Manitou Island FAQ
FAQ I did with myself about the serial.

Manitou Island History
An outdated history of the Island.

Manitou Island History 2
Another, more recent history of the Island.

Manitou Island History 3
Basic but thorough timeline of events throughout the series.

Manitou Island Races
Outdated listing of the different races/beings of the Island.

Mournful Farewell
Attempt at rewriting my short fiction...as poetry!

Ocryx Genetics
How much it takes to make a Manitou Island demon.

The Prisoner Of The Glass
Untold evil resides in those beautiful shards! HP Lovecraft fanfic.

Random Thought
Very random.

Return To Manitou Island Character List
Very outdated character listing.

Return To Manitou Island Character List 2
Another very outdated list.

St. Martin In The Fields
A random thought.

I liven up a dead forum by...hitting on myself!

September Dawn
9/11-themed song that I thankfully never finished.

Unfinished story fragment based on a photo prompt. (Short fiction.)

The Stone From The Sea
What horrors does this strange stone conceal? HP Lovecraft fanfic.

Sudden Memory
Is this a dream? Or something more? (Short fiction.)

Tough Love
Unfinished segment of The Trench Rats. (Fiction.)

Unfinished Campfire Story
Aborted collaborative attempt. (Fiction.)

Unfinished Short Story
Untitled fantasy. (Short fiction.)

Why The Moon Speaks Your Name
Why does the moon speak your name? (Short essay.)

A miscommunication makes sense.

Writing Prompts
Some writing prompts I came up with.

Writing Prompts 2
More writing prompts to enjoy.

More to come...

Miscellaneous Writing

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