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They Say

They Say

THEY SAY time can keep us apart
I say that that ain't true
Unless you're one who is faint of heart
There's nothing we can't do

THEY SAY you and I can't make it through
I say they should wait and see
They obviously don't have a clue
Of what's going on between you and me

THEY SAY that I'm not the one
To take your heart from you
But I say that I've just begun
And love will see us through

Well, THEY SAY love will pass us by
But I know that they're wrong
And just between you and I
I've known it all along

They could say the world is flat
But I'd go on to the ends
Just to find out where you're at
So we'd be more than friends

Well, they could say you don't love me
And I think that would show
How little that they really see
Or how little that they know

No matter what the others say
We can take it all the way
And I know that they'll rue the day
They said we couldn't make it
'Cause you and I were made to be
Lovers happy and carefree
And all of the powers that be
Can't snatch our love and break it

'Cause what THEY SAY ain't always true
No matter how many agree
And my perfect place is here with you
And your place is with me

And I know that's how it'll always be
That's how it'll always stay
'Cause we belong baby, don't you see
No matter what THEY SAY

--June 1995

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