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You say you love me
You say you'd move the world for love
But do you mean it?
How are you when push comes to shove?

I don't believe your sad sob story
You're under oath, you tell no lie
You know you're swaying me, baby
But without hard proof you're saying goodbye

The way you make me feel for you
There's some hard time you've got to do
Without me by you

You say you need me
You just can't live another day
But I'm on your case now
I know these silly games you play

You've got the evidence stacked up against you
You know you've got the burden of proof
Come on and give me your statement
Or are you scared to face the truth?


(Guitar solo)

I am your judge, I am your jury
And I find you guilty as sin
But you're your own executioner
And this is a case you cannot win

(Chorus twice, first time omitting "Without me by you")

(Ad-lib to end)

--December 1997

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