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High Magic

High Magic

Cast your spell
Cast your spell

I don't need a magic wand
I don't need a crystal ball
To tell me you're something strange
That there's witchcraft in your call

I don't need a set of runes
I don't need a tarot deck
To know you've got this power
That's made me a nervous wreck

So I'll warn you I've got your number
I know your allure and all your charms
I can throw words right back at you
I can escape your beckoning arms

So go right ahead and cast your spell
I'm immune to your conjuring ways
Your HIGH MAGIC and your siren's gaze
Just go on and cast your spell
Cast your spell!

I don't need a magic mirror
I don't need second sight
To know you're just bad luck
I won't go without a fight

I don't need to see the future
I don't need to know the past
To say you're going down
That's the final spell you'll cast

So I'll cross my fingers behind me
I've got my good luck charms all around
I can fight your fire with my fire
Till with magic chains you too are bound


(Piano solo; guitar solo)


(Repeat "Cast your spell" to fade)

--September 1997

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