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The Road Goes On Forever

The Road Goes On Forever

Come on and tell your mother
Come on and tell your friends
And the party never ends
No matter what they tell you
Or what the future sends
And the party never ends

Hey, there, you're looking kind of sad now, don't you know?
There's no reason to look so down and no reason to be so low
I know a surefire way to get those spirits up
Just follow me to eternity and drink from life's golden cup and--


So far the rent is due and your car has broken down
You're late for work and your insides hurt and you're on the wrong side of town
But cheer up, now as you'll see, there's a silver lining to this cloud
Just you step out and work up a shout and yell it all out loud and--


Life will throw us lemons
No matter how hard we try
So just go on and make lemonade
And kiss those peels goodbye

(Saxophone solo)

Now you're lying down on the shrink's couch and you're letting your feelings out
He's taking notes on his notepad and you wonder what it's about
He says, "Now, you may have a problem here, but we'll have to wait and see--"
And you just laugh and say, "Give up that gaff, pal--insanity's fine with me!"

(Chorus twice)

--February 1996

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