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And If I Go

And If I Go

You're saying that the time has come
For me to be the only one
For me to spend my life with you
You're saying that you thought it through

But how much thinking did you do?
'Cause I've been thinking 'bout it too
And what you say may not be right
I'm saying sleep on it tonight

Are you as ready as you say?
Or should I turn the other way?

AND IF I GO away from here
Would you be waiting when I reappear?
Or would you lose your nerve and leave behind
The happiness you said that we would find?
And if I recognize
The hesitation hiding in your eyes
Would you tell me that you had been wrong?
Or would you decide that you could be strong?
If I would go away from here

The whole truth is that I love you
But we have got to think this through
A little longer than today
Before we give our final say

If this is what you think is right
Then I will love you all my life
But are you sure it's what you need?
To spend your whole life with me?

Can you face giving part of you?
Or is it something you can't do?


(Instrumental bridge)

And if I say that we should wait
Will you leave or will you stay?

(Chorus twice, first time omitting "If I would go away from here")

--March 1998

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