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Too Much Unsaid

Too Much Unsaid

Friday night finds me wandering again
I didn't know freedom could cause so much pain
I guess I was mistaken when I thought I was strong
And now I'm wondering just where I went wrong

In the days that I knew you
I thought I could see right through you
But you saw through me instead
I should have shaken my fear and told you
Just what exactly was in my head
Maybe my words, they would have consoled you
Rather than leaving TOO MUCH UNSAID

Saturday morning finds me waking alone
I'm feeling so helpless now that I'm on my own
I guess I was wrong when I thought I didn't care
And now this silence is more than I can bear


If I had the chance to do it all again
I'd tell you nothing but what is true
I'd tell you what I could not tell you then--
I would say that I love you

I'm hoping that someday I'll see you once more
And let you know what I could not say before
Maybe then my mind can give me release
Maybe then your words can bring my heart peace

(Chorus and ad-lib to fade)

--August 1996

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