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Holding On

Holding On

You have gone, gone
And I'm still clinging to the shadow of you
You're moving on, on
I'm wrapped up in myself, don't know what to do

Why did you tease me? Just to leave me?
Did you know that your fooling was just pain?
It was so easy for you to grieve me
How can my heart and mind withstand all this strain?

I'm only HOLDING ON till you cut me free
'Cause it's you who's got my heart on a string
I'm only HOLDING ON till you let me be
'Cause I never knew the tears you would bring
Set me free
Set me free

How I've cried, cried
Facing the lonely nights without you near
How I've tried, tried
To overcome my heartache and my fear

You see that you broke my precious hope
That I would spend my life with you by my side
I hope that you know that this is so
That you broke my heart and also my pride


(Guitar solo)

Why did you tease me?...

(Chorus twice, first time omitting "Set me free, set me free")

--March 1998

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