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Coding these pages is slow and tedious for me, so please check the UPDATES page below for newest additions to this site. There is a LOT more to come as my time and health allow!
(Some of the details below about the site being finished are from my writing blog, a separate site. This top notice will be removed when the site is actually "up to date.")

Hello and welcome! :) Here you'll find my writing formerly hosted on GeoCities and elsewhere--Manitou Island: The Website, Tehuti's Per On The Web, The D4D Archive, and various other works mostly unavailable until now. I offer my writing for free as I'm not interested in seeking publication (1. there are some copyright issues, 2. it's WAAAAY too long, and 3. I'm just plain chicken), so I hope you enjoy whatever you may find, though I ask that you please respect the laws of copyright and not distribute my work or claim it as your own. Feel free to print out or download a copy for your own personal reading if you wish, but please keep my name/copyright somewhere in the file/printout and if you want somebody else to read, please send them a link.

I write in four primary storylines with various lesser storylines that branch off from these; you can find out more about these in the links below. Most of my writing deals with Egyptian and Ojibwa (Chippewa) mythology, though I also write some occult/psychological drama and anthro/furry. I do finish some stuff I start, but there's a lot of unfinished stuff here too, so I'll make sure to state when you can't expect a story to end (I know how frustrating it can be to invest time in an unfinished story!).

In addition to the above, I'm gradually adding my older "childhood" writings and some miscellaneous stuff that doesn't fit into my storylines; seeing as there's a lot of this and I'm typing it up by hand, this will take a while, so please excuse any bit of mess you might find.

I hope you enjoy what you read, and if you do, please drop me an e-mail to let me know--I don't hear from readers very often, so when I do, I'm very jazzed! Don't worry about bothering me or blathering too much, I adore chatting about my work.

This site is relatively new so is still undergoing some construction (mainly the addition of older material in the Childhood Writing area), though I believe all the important stuff is finally up and functional. Please report any falling links, stray typos (they won't bite), and faulty formatting, and I'll get on fixing it right away!

Tar! :)

Table Of Contents

News & Updates
What's newest on this site.

The D Is For Damien Series
Occult/psychological novels dealing with Satanic cults. Three finished novels and a few shorter items. NOTE--complete series listing; includes links to unfinished and earlier drafts. (Originally hosted at The D4D Archive.)

Kemet Fiction
Short stories, novellas, and a completed novel (Horus) featuring Egyptian mythology. (Originally hosted at Tehuti's Per On The Web.)

The Manitou Island Series
Long, ongoing fantasy serials featuring Ojibwa mythology and Jungian symbolism. Two are complete; a third is well underway; a fourth is upcoming. Also various shorter stories. (Originally hosted at Manitou Island: The Website.)

The Trench Rats Series
Unfinished/on-hiatus storyline featuring an anthro/furry, alternate-history version of WWII. (Originally hosted at The D4D Archive.)

Miscellaneous Writing
Poetry, lyrics, older writing, and various things that don't quite fit anywhere else. Much more to come. (Originally hosted at The D4D Archive.)

My Links
The other places where you can find my stuff (naughty writing, photos, art, character profiles, a dream journal, book and music collections, a few game reviews and cat videos...).

About Me
Come on, literally nobody would read this.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Just in case anyone wants to comment. (A word of warning...I have terrible social anxiety disorder, and a very poor memory/concept of time, so I may in fact not reply if you e-mail or otherwise message me. I do read and appreciate all friendly comments, though. For this reason I'd prefer guestbook messages over e-mails...not that I expect to get either, but anyway.)

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