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Here are most of my other links if anyone ever wants to know what I'm up to. :)

Table Of Contents...Er...Links

My Writing, G To R Rated
Intermittently active, but the most up-to-date in terms of my fiction. All of my writing except the adult stuff. This takes you to the updates page; main blog URL takes you to the most recent post.

My Writing.com Writing
Active. Most but not all of the fiction posted above, plus some old miscellaneous junk. Trying to get back into it, though I currently don't plan to post new fiction, and I don't review anymore, so... Some stuff can be viewed by members/certain membership types only...I may open up a personal blog here since I can see page hits and turn off ratings.

My Original Adult Writing, R & Up
NSFW. Currently inactive, though I could submit again in the future since I can't find other sites that'll accept it.

My Mythology-Based Adult Writing, R & Up
NSFW. See note above.

My Toyhou.se
Active. Character profiles and art. I'm currently (Feb. 2020) upgraded so could probably generate invite codes, though I'd want them to go to active (won't quickly abandon the site) new users (not alt accounts) who plan on contributing visible content (not private or friends only) to the site.

My DeviantArt
Active. No longer active. Some writing (not up to date) and art (older stuff and current sketches and SketchDaily submissions). NOTE, following the recent Eclipse site update, submitting and editing deviations is no longer functional for me, so unless/until they make further improvements (over a week, I haven't heard back from the help desk yet), I reluctantly have to give it up. :(

My Art Tumblr
Active. My current sketches and SketchDaily submissions, with occasional personal commentary I don't share on Reddit. Older art coming soon.

My Reblog Tumblr
Intermittently active. My main Tumblr but all I do is reblog others' stuff (I lost interest in doing my own photos, for now).

My Goodreads
Intermittently active. My book collection, which gives a good idea of my personal and writing interests. I try to keep it reasonably up to date though I've slacked off a bit lately. Will get around to it. (I have a couple of LibraryThings, too, but haven't been there in ages...)

My Discogs
Temporarily inactive. I wanted a Goodreads for my music and this was the closest I could find, though I'm not overly enamored of it. :/ Very tedious to add the right versions of albums, plus it doesn't seem to show my album notes publicly. Thus it's very incomplete. I hope to get back into it someday.

My Sketchers United Page
Intermittently active. Replacement community after the Sony Sketch app, which I currently use to draw, was discontinued. Basically, my digital art.

My Flickr Albums
Temporarily inactive. My photography (needs to be updated). I haven't uploaded the latest ones yet but I have lots of Mackinac Island pics.

My DreamJournal
Temporarily inactive. I want to get back into this as I have lots to add, but currently don't have the time. Needs updating. Thousands of dreams with more to come, both recent and from the 1990s.

My Amino (Unverified Account)
Inactive. Don't know why I'm including this, since the Amino app never sent me a confirmation e-mail despite numerous attempts and help requests (s***ty app) so I deleted it, though it seems I can still access individual groups through the clunky website...don't know if I can interact in them, though. Probably wouldn't want to anyway. I just lurk chats sometimes when I'm lonely. :/

My YouTube
Currently inactive, though I may post more in the future. Basically just a few personal (but not too personal) videos. Shared account, so I'll never get too revealing on it.

My Big Fish Games Reviews
Inactive. Some reviews I wrote of computer games years back. Would like to get back into it since Amazon won't let me review anymore (no credit card :( ) but my computer is too crashy, have no time, don't even know if the games are compatible or my account is still active, etc....

My Gothicat-World
Active. My favorite virtual adoptables site; site events give me something to look forward to on the holidays. I have lots to trade. Needs some updating, though.

My Chicken Smoothie
Active. Virtual adoptables site. I participate in monthly adoptions and events but have slacked off some on trading and such. Needs updating.

My Egg Cave
Active. Virtual adoptables site. See above, I participate but don't interact much.

Nope. The first is private/inactive and I don't have the others.

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