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Long time no see. I'm fully vaccinated, though! Plus I'm on Twitter, but it's mostly political stuff. Five new chapters for starters.


Site revamp done. (Sorry for the slowness, nonexistent audience, but I'm caught up in a couple of different projects that have just as nonexistent an audience.) Now onward to new chapters.


Dang, having quite a bit of trouble updating stuff tonight. Site issues? It even refused to show edits made to one of my pages for quite a while. (And nope, it wasn't a caching issue on my end.) :/


Just a few new chapters today because I spent a load of time digging around in the source code of an abandoned website of mine and looking things up at W3Schools (even though it's for beginners, it's almost too difficult for me) and I think I'm pulling together a layout I like a bit more! I can't figure out opacity, unfortunately, but it's got nice tables, and a fixed background image! (Yes! I FIGURED IT OUT! Though I can't remember how, anymore...) Now I...need to re-edit everything AGAIN...and the code is so messy and convoluted. _-_

Just a tiny edit: AAGGHGGHHHH I edited this page and the BACKGROUND IMAGE DIDN'T SHOW UP!! So I reverted the edit, and tried again...and NOW it's here?? I don't understand. I mean, I'm glad it showed up, but WTF?? Anyway, this here is basically how it's going to look, except with bottom links on story pages. This'll take a lot of work. And I'm afraid the background will vanish again as soon as I press save. I'm getting angry and have to get to bed.

Edit later: Just spent an EXTREMELY frustrating time trying to edit a second page with my new code...and the BG image vanished again! Repeatedly reediting didn't resolve the issue. I finally opened the "good" page and the "bad" page side by side in their respective editors...and spied what looked like a tiny hidden character buried in the beginning code. (It couldn't be seen outside the Neocities editor, where it showed up as a gray dot.) I replaced it with a space and tried again. And voila!--BG image appears! Is that the culprit behind all my woes?? A hidden character inserted when I saved the code outside Neocities?? I sure hope so...but UGH GOD this is not my first issue with frustrating invisible characters, I wish whoever invented them would trip in a pothole or something. Now let's see if this theory holds up on another page edit...and BTW, trying to type this directly into the editor is pointless since it insists on inserting nonsense text and omitting words EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

Edit again: Seems to be working! This may go faster if I continue on laptop instead, though.

And another edity-edit: *gasphuffwheeze* This is freaking tedious but other than that I think it's going along swell! 😃 My index pages are looking great AND the president has been permabanned from Twitter, what more could one ask for?


something Up to Part 25 of RTMI. G'night world! Maybe the news will be more boring later...

Edited later: A new handmade bullet, because I am picky. Still not 100% what I was looking for but it's a little prettier. I wish I knew some decent CSS/HTML to make things even prettier...and I guess "pretty" is the adjective I'm going to keep using for my site. 🤔 I finally checked out Neocities's "tutorials" section but it's not tutorials, just links to CSS package providers and yi-i-i-i-ikes it's all in Greek to me...no thanks. Google searches for CSS/HTML templates, layouts, website builders/designers, blog themes/layouts, etc., are fruitless as well since they're all geared toward building professional sites heavy on graphics and interactive features and whatnot whereas I just want my personal, text-heavy writing site to look...well...pretty! Maybe this is why my writing sites never get much attention...they're not built like graphics-heavy, interactive professional sites. Sigh.


Fifteen chapters of my second serial, Return To Manitou Island; enjoy! I'm dozing off while typing, so... 😴

Edited later: Had intended to have done some more chapters by now but watching what looks like an active coup attempt in the nation's capital has distracted me... 😨 Sorry this is offtopic though I don't have a blog to share in. I think I've lived through way more than enough history for a lifetime, I seriously wouldn't mind things returning to boring now. Hopefully more content soon...

Edited again: For funsies (holy crap my autocorrect will not stop butchering that into words that don't even exist 😖 ), I mocked up my dream site layout described below on Kleki! Here 'tis in all its glory...

Holy crud, and now "protesters" have gotten into the Capitol through broken windows and someone has been shot and somebody is even calling for a "takeback" protest in my dinky hometown here in northern Michigan...this is unbelievable.


I hope my site looks a little bit prettier now. 😊 I got tired of Googling for nice free seamless backgrounds and pretty bullets and finding none so just created the background and the bullet/button myself, in the now-defunct Sony Sketch app (since I'm too dumb to understand other art apps just yet)...I suddenly realized late one night that I could create my own seamless/repeating background using the symmetry function! But re: bullets, holy cripes was it hard to save it as a transparent PNG (I had to save it as the app-specific "SKTZ" file type and rename it as a ZIP file and then open it up and extract the PNG I was looking for) and then to resize and download it, for some reason downloading on a Galaxy Tab S6 is insanely stupid, it keeps going into some arcane Android Brave browser downloads folder I have to dig into the guts of my memory card to find, instead of just in the downloads folder...so bizarre. Anyway, I'm still not entirely satisfied (unvisited links are hard to read on this background, in fact all the text is but light text on dark is hard on my eyes and that would just involve even MORE coding crap I can't figure out, and the bullet is kind of big, plus doesn't look quite like I'd wanted), but I guess it'll do for now, until I figure out something better. Was just getting tired of that juvenile sea green webpage showing up amongst all the much prettier sites here every time I edited. Yes...I did go and edit every. Single. Page. By hand. _-_

I went Googling for CSS templates too and I don't get why you need to download them...? Don't you just type some code? Anyway, they were all very plain and ugly. Nothing like the pretty sites I see when I browse around here, sigh. I'm not even looking for something complicated. I thought maybe this background except fixed (I could NOT get that to work, I tried all the codes, even the CSS one that is supposed to work--didn't work at all), with transparent but slightly tinted boxes to make the text a little easier to read, maybe like a header across the full top of the screen for the site name, a smaller header or two under it for storyline and story/chapter titles, a sidebar to the left with an expandable/collapsible menu TOC for the entire site, and the text in the main column/bar, with all of them being fluid in size so that things aren't awkward when viewing on different devices...simple but pretty. And maybe links could glow when you hover over them though that's not necessary. I have no idea how to get such stuff to work, though. I only ever taught myself basic HTML (I never messed with columns and boxes unless using a premade template) but I could get most of the other stuff to work. Not anymore...I'm too dumb for the new Internet. -_-

Well...enough wallowing for now. RTMI is what's coming up next, so look out for that!


Woot! Manitou Island is fully up at last. Next to come is Return To Manitou Island.

You may (or may not) have seen from my testing page that I'm fiddling with trying to create a new seamless background image. I'm getting tired of this current one, and nowadays it seems virtually impossible to find nice backgrounds for free on Google. That used to be easy, back in GeoCities days, but no more. 😕 And the ones I do find are so ugly or plain. So I may just have to do it myself. This will mean having to redo every page by hand ;_; ...because I've never been able to get the provided CSS code to work on here. Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Sigh. Anyway, if you stumble across my site and the pages don't match, well, that'll be why. Probably.

And goodnight!


Wow, 2020 was quite a year, wasn't it? 🐝 Anyway, I'm still around, just busy! (And still staying at home. I now have a recurring dream where I'm out in public and suddenly realize I FORGOT MY MASK! 😷 Is this the new and improved version of that "naked in public" dream everybody talks about...?) Anyway, there are FINALLY five new chapters up for Manitou Island, why not pop in and give them a look...?

Edited later: Five more chapters! This thing'll be done soon enough.


I'm still around! Not that I believe anyone noticed, but still. Just had to finish updating an important file and it took way longer than it should have... ;_;

Anyway. It's still freezing cold here, with a possibility of snow 😩 , and the stay-at-home order has been extended and I'm too freaked out to leave the house anyway, so, here's some fresh reading! Five new chapters of Manitou Island, and a lot more to come!


Manitou Island is beginning to go live!

Okay, so...as you can tell from the TOCs, the Manitou Island serials are VERY long, so it'll take some time to get them posted. So, instead of waiting until all parts are up to link the TOC, I'll do small batches of chapters and link them as I go along. That way, you can read along with the story as it goes. Not that I believe anybody is actually reading any of this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ...but anyway, that's what'll be updating on the site for a bit.


And now, some crappy song lyrics, also found through the Miscellaneous page. No, really.


New to the site, a bunch of crappy poetry! You can find it through the Miscellaneous page. Don't worry, there won't be any more.


There are some new short stories and novellas to read on the Tales From Manitou Island page; why not give them a look if you're bored and have nothing better to do.


What little there is of The Trench Rats is now live. It really sucks, but...at least it isn't the even suckier childhood version, yes...? And I'm falling asleep at my tablet now, so... 😴


You can now find a bunch of short stories and novellas on the Tales Of Kemet page. My writing has never been popular, but these seem to be the stories that have been noticed and enjoyed marginally more than the rest, especially "Kebehut." So, why not go on and give them a look.


Sorry for the slowness, this whole COVID-19 thing has me beyond freaked out, since I think it's just reached my county (even maybe my township)...I think I'm literally worrying myself sick. 😳

Anyway...my fourth novel Horus is now live; you can find it via the Kemet link. This was the first time I tried extensively researching (pre-Internet--had to use library books and my own collection) and outlining before writing. As such, I finished it a LOT faster, but it just seems kind of...stilted and lifeless to me. I don't like knowing all the plot events before I write them. Plus I have NEVER been able to properly put myself in Horus's mind or really care for him as a character. :/ Which is weird, since I have this ability with most of my other characters... By now it needs a rewrite, but at least it's tolerable. So...enjoy!


Firstly, what entries I've finished of the 100 Themes Challenge (Minot edition) are now live, same page link as below.

Secondly, since those links keep getting pushed further and further down the page...I've decided this is as good a time as any to move all this to a dedicated updates page, and set up the index page to properly (and neatly) reflect the site's (to-come) contents. You want to find the actual writing, right?? Well, now it's going to be there. No, most of it still hasn't been posted...but it'll show up in time. (Coding by hand, since the CSS won't work for me and regular HTML is on the way out, is a lot more time consuming than I remember :/ Especially since my OCD is quite bad and I keep repeating the page dates over and over... -_- )

And now back to updating...after I fix up the index page, of course.

Edited a bit later: Well...yikes! I completely forgot to link to the few Three D's short stories after uploading them! 😳 They're to be found on the D Is For Damien short stories page.

Edited a bit more later: ONE more update...I added a page of my offsite links on the index page. Because there's a tiny bit more to me than this writing. Like dumb Tumblr art.

Okay...now to bed.


Minot is now live, as promised; it's on the D4D page same as the two novels below. It needs a major rewrite as a detail toward the end of the story is completely unbelievable, plus everyone is rather out of character now so it's cringey, but it's more recent than the other two so it's kinda better. 🤷 (My most recent writing is set in my fictional version of Minot and I've been spending a lot of mental time with the characters there. So you'll be seeing more of them.)

And it just occurred to me that my site is more likely to be noticed while I'm actively working on it instead of after it's done, so I finally picked a guestbook provider that looks like it's been around for a while so I'll hope it lasts a while longer. For now you can find it HERE. I don't expect anyone to sign it...but it's there in case anyone likes my site and wants to say so.

So...yep. Goodnight.


The novel D Is For Damien is now live, same page as Lucifer. It's even stupider, if you can believe that (I believe I wrote it before its predecessor), and has some downright idiotic stereotypes and factual errors, but there it is anyway.

The marginally better Minot should go live next. Now, late to bed again... 😑


Yeesh, it takes a lot longer to edit in chapter links than I thought. 😕 Anyway...the novel Lucifer is now live. You can find it on the "D Is For Damien" series page below. It sucks and really needs a rewrite, but, there it is, check it out if you like.

Lots more to (slowly) come.

Edited a while later: With over 700 hits so far (God I hope I'm not the one generating them, though that seems like an awful lot), I should really set up a guestbook I suppose, but I'm not sure which is the best provider...Bravenet came up first in the search results. 🤔 Knowing my luck, that will require CSS, too!

And I don't understand why, when I try to edit this on tablet, if I try to insert something in between existing text it completely fudges it up and I end up having to just copypaste it all into a plaintext editor (in this case, my Yahoo! e-mail), modify it there, and then copypaste it back here...for example, when I tried typing "With" above, it changed it to "WWithWith" or some such, and just got worse from there, and no amount of backspacing and retyping can fix it. Other occasions, I type in a new word and it just completely deletes it, each time I try to add it. I don't have this issue on desktop, I don't think...though Tumblr does something similar but not as bad...just wonder what causes that. Makes editing on my tablet an extra pain. I'm basically deleting and copypasting the entire text of my pages over and over. (So you see why I wonder if I'm the one driving up my own pageviews. ;_; )

And my recent edits aren't showing up in the auto-generated preview of this page. :/ It's stuck on the 3/7 update.

Copypasting this from my e-mail again... 🙄


Did you think I was dead?? Secondary TOC pages are now live, so you can see what individual stories are going to appear on this site (eventually). You can access these through the links below. (Now I'm late getting to bed...stupid Daylight Saving Time. 😒 )


Main TOC pages are live! :) Here's what they'll look like when I clean up this page:

The D Is For Damien Series
Occult/psychological novels dealing with Satanic cults. Three finished novels and a few shorter items. NOTE--complete series listing; includes links to unfinished and earlier drafts. (Originally hosted at The D4D Archive.)

Kemet Fiction
Short stories, novellas, and a completed novel (Horus) featuring Egyptian mythology. (Originally hosted at Tehuti's Per On The Web.)

The Manitou Island Series
Long, ongoing fantasy serials featuring Ojibwa mythology and Jungian symbolism. Two are complete; a third is well underway; a fourth is upcoming. Also various shorter stories. (Originally hosted at Manitou Island: The Website.)

The Trench Rats Series
Unfinished/on-hiatus storyline featuring an anthro/furry, alternate-history version of WWII. (Originally hosted at The D4D Archive.)

Miscellaneous Writing
Poetry, lyrics, older writing, and various things that don't quite fit anywhere else. Much more to come. (Originally hosted at The D4D Archive.)

Individual story TOCs and chapters/stories aren't live yet, of course, but now that I'm getting the hang of this, it's getting there!


Wasted over an hour trying to edit both the webpage and the CSS page just to create a simple background gradient, and absolutely nothing works. 😞 I was using one of those beginner sites, too. I'll never understand CSS, no matter how simple. Will probably have to just remove the CSS page info and find some background image to link to, though I can't seem to find any good ones no matter how hard I look...they used to be everywhere...the old Internet is truly dead, I guess.

Really wish I could figure this out...or at least find HTML code to achieve the same effect, since CSS simply will not work for me.

Edited a while later: Guess what?--you need CSS for simple background images now, too! I got this tile I just made to work, but that's probably all I'll get right. Sigh.

By the way, I made this thing on www.patterncooler.com. Donated him $5 because the rest of my search for background images was so useless. Why not pay him a visit. Thank you, random background tile guy. I think his name is Harvey.

Edited another while later: Wow, even larger fonts aren't supported in basic HTML anymore...I have to use the abominable paragraph tag that leaves huge spaces between things. I originally tried a larger and a smaller font at the top of this page, but the space it created between the two looked terribly stupid. And I had to delete the "BR" tags below the header to make that space smaller, too. There's apparently no way to fix this without yet more complicated CSS. I used to think I was going to enjoy HTML5, but it's looking less and less likely, since I can't get even the simplest things like a page header to look the way I want it to. 😞 Here's the ultimate irony, this website provider is full of sites by users trying to capture the feeling of the old Internet...using stupid new Internet technology/coding. Which I wish I could understand, but I guess I'm just too dumb.

When I said my site is going to be simple and ugly, well, I guess I meant it, and no amount of looking up online instructions (like the CSS style page or whatever it's called suggests you do) will help me fix that. Enjoy the crappy formatting, I'm going to be stuck with it.

And to think I had thoughts of using some graphics and indents to spruce up my links and such...uh-uh, no way.

Edited another another while later: I think I change my mind and I'll be building the TOC pages before chapter/story pages, since this site seems to actually be getting hits (I'm not sure from where, unless I'm generating them all, though it says some are unique). So you may get to see what to expect as it goes up. I've had people judge certain stories of mine based solely on the brief summary, and tell me to give up writing entirely based on that alone 😐 , so I think having the explanatory notes up is a better idea. The TOC pages will be about the same as the ones currently on the Blogspot/Blogger version of my site, so if a stray Blogger reference slips its way in, that's why. And all this dump on this page shall at a future point be moved to an "updates"-type page so everything looks peachy! As peachy as it can look sans CSS, that is...

Oh, right--I'm henceforth naming this site Tehuti's Per On The Web, Version 2.0! That was the name of my first GeoCities site...since GeoCities gave you a grand total of 15MB free (yes--fifteen megabytes), I had several sites divided up among my different storylines, including my Manitou Island site, the D Is For Damien Archive, the Radioactive Playground (photos, not writing), and I think an Ameni Chronicles site though I never got around to posting on that one much for reasons that shall become obvious. But Tehuti's Per On The Web, featuring my Kemet-themed fiction, was the first of my writing sites. (I think the Radioactive Playground might have predated it, but that didn't have my stories on it so it won't count.) SO...Per 2.0 it is!

(Ew oh God, the Radioactive Playground's homepage is archived...sans nuclear bomb background. Horrifying. Click at your own risk. 🤮 )


Heya. I prefer my own simple HTML over this CSS stuff which I don't understand at all. Do the old HTML tags work? Like italic and bold? I'm not into the "em" and "strong" stuff just yet...and I hate the "P" tag with a passion. "BR" all the way for me. I'll leave that weird header stuff on the page just in case, though.

Emojis...? 😫

     Nonbreaking spaces?

Weird red X's as I type. Warning me about open HTML tags, maybe...?

If I ever get around to it, this site might someday contain a bunch of fiction writing! Which I suspect nobody will read because I've been posting it all over online since 2000 (the original GeoCities, remember?) and still have no audience but anyway. My Facebook account is currently blocked (no clue why) and I'm feeling down even though I barely use it because I'm connected to all my apps with that and who knows when/if it'll be back.

Until then, you can enjoy my dumb Tumblr art. I try to post there every day.

Jeez, it's been so long since GeoCities I can't remember how to do background images...oh well. Plain white it is for now.

No idea why my site isn't showing up as recently edited in "Latest Activity" or why the preview image is broken...that seems to always be my luck, though. 🙁 EDIT a few hours later: 14 views and a preview image! :O I don't know what happened since I still don't see myself on the activity page, but hey. Just in case such a thing happens, I plan to create chapter/story pages before creating tables of contents with explanations for what it is you're going to be seeing here, so, if that stuff shows up publicly...uh...enjoy the mess. Did I mention you should check out my dumb Tumblr art?

(I hope I'm not the one leaving hits on my site or I'll look like a moron.)


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