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Around 1986, my mother and I first saw a commercial for a dog food called "King Kuts." I recall that I knew enough to say, "Egyptian dogs," when the little cartoons first appeared on the screen; then we both laughed hysterically when the song began. However, the seeds were planted, and I started thinking about the funny little dancing Egyptian dog and coming up with ideas for him and his friends.

Some time later while pestering my father in the kitchen, he told me, in exasperation, to go write a story. I left the room, picked up a notepad, and started writing. After a while I returned to my dad with it half filled and he exclaimed, "I told you to write a story, not a novel!" That story was called King Kuts--and it was the start of me taking writing seriously. Although I'd written plenty of stories before then, I recall this moment, at age eleven, as being the time when I finally settled on wanting to write--and not only wanting to write, but wanting to write series stories, one after another, seemingly without end. This habit continues to the present day. I think at heart I've just always been a series writer, and the fact that the King Kuts series ran for five completed (and several unfinished) books, plus spinning off various related stories, proves this. As a result, I feel I owe the entire body of my writing to the viewing of a dog food commercial.

My interest in the rather juvenile King Kuts stories faded over time, but in addition to spurring my interest in writing, this spurred my interest in ancient Egypt and Egyptian mythology in particular. Among the early books I wrote were retellings of the Horus and Osiris myths. Parts of these still exist among my childhood writing, in all their ridiculous and anachronistic glory, but in the Nineties I outlined and completely rewrote Horus as one of a proposed set of at least four novels. (The others--Osiris, Kingdom Of The Hawk, and The Rebel Prince--have not been written, though Osiris was outlined and partly written.) This interest persisted for years, and in the Nineties I wrote a lengthy series of short stories/novellas entitled City Of The Sun, various "original myths" that I made up myself concerning the Egyptian gods. After coming online in 2000, I decided to redo these stories (a few of them being incorporated into Horus and Osiris), while reserving the title City Of The Sun for a potential novel I may write in the future. Once the original stories were redone, I started on some newer ones, and every so often, even though my almost maniacal earlier interest in ancient Egypt has waned somewhat, I'll come up with another. The Egyptian gods will always hold a place close to my heart.

Seeing how long ago it was written, Horus will someday be rewritten should I make the time; I wasn't entirely satisfied with it even shortly after its completion. I also hope to get around to the other novels in the series, as well as City Of The Sun. Perhaps in the future.

Table Of Contents

A lost prince returns to face his villainous uncle--and to claim his birthright.

Tales Of Kemet
Stories of the gods. Tales from Egypt. Original mythology.

City Of The Sun: Prologue
The son of the sun, the daughter of the moon; two children--one destiny. In progress. (Coming soon.)

The Ameni Chronicles
Love, lust, slavery, hatred, redemption...a tale of two different worlds. (ADULT CONTENT. Author's notes/excerpts only; contact info for full versions.)

The Ameni Chronicles: Related Tales
Short stories related to the Ameni Chronicles, e. g. spinoffs/sidestories. (ADULT CONTENT. Author's notes/excerpts with few exceptions; contact info for full versions.)

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