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The Ameni Chronicles

TITLE: The Ameni Chronicles

GENRES: Erotica, drama, anthro/furry, fantasy, GLBT, adult.


SUMMARY: Ameni, a human, finds himself torn between two worlds when circumstances beyond his control ensure his slavery at the hands of the merciless warrior Apsiu. He becomes the personal slave of the powerful Apsiu captain Nehekhi, and comes to know Nehekhi's other slaves and comrades. Life as the slave of an Apsiu can be very difficult...but it can also be very pleasurable, as Ameni learns. For the Apsiu are not entirely without their passions...and Ameni just happens to have caught the eye of not only Nehekhi, but others as well... A series full of love, lust, honor, betrayal, and conflict between two different worlds! (This is a serial (like a written soap opera). Please do not skip chapters when reading!) NOTE!--considering the extreme adult content of much of this story, it cannot be posted here, not even under the Mature Content filter. For this reason, I'll be posting only author's notes (when applicable) and excerpts. Contact information for me to e-mail you a ZIP file with the uncensored content in HTML, PDF, and plaintext format will be available; the information under "Copyright," below, still applies. Please contact me only if you are over eighteen years of age or the legal age to read adult written material in your jurisdiction.

WRITING STATUS: In progress; on hiatus.

WRITING DATE: Circa 2002-present.

LENGTH: 73+ chapters.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Graphic sexual situations, graphic adult themes, graphic violence, adult language, nonconsensual sexual situations, underage sexual situations.

COPYRIGHT: This story and all characters, unless otherwise stated in the Disclaimers, are copyright © tehuti_88 and may not be used or distributed without permission. The reader is free to print out or download a copy of this story for offline reading as long as the author's copyright information remains upon it. Please do not distribute; if you wish to share this story, send a link to this page.

DISCLAIMERS: Although aspects of this story are loosely based on Egyptian mythology and culture, artistic license has been taken as this is a FANTASY story. Please take note that this story was written between about 2002-present and that my writing style and understanding of the mythology I created have changed vastly in the meantime.


Table Of Contents

Part 1: Storms
Rather than fight off an attack, a man lost in the desert succumbs to his desires... (Coming soon.)

Part 2: Newcomer
Ameni tries to ward off an assault--only to find it's not what he thought it was... (Coming soon.)

Part 3: Trio
Ameni discovers Thi'usa and his master in a compromising situation!... (Coming soon.)

Part 4: Diversion
Ki'amit invites Ameni--and some choice others--to an alluring nighttime diversion... (Coming soon.)

Part 5: Understanding
Nehekhi tells Ameni of how he acquired the beautiful slave Thi'usa... (Coming soon.)

Part 6: Hesitation
Discontent begins to spread among the Red Tribe following an illicit raid... (Coming soon.)

Part 7: Delegation
Public desires and private plans lead to trouble among the Kana... (Coming soon.)

Part 8: Terror
Ameni and the other slaves are taken prisoner--but the horrors have just begun... (Coming soon.)

Part 9: Rescue
Thi'usa thanks his rescuer, his old commander, in the most pleasurable way possible... (Coming soon.)

Part 10: Vengeance
Ameni and Thi'usa exact a brutal revenge on their assailants... (Coming soon.)

Part 11: Reunion
Nehekhi's grateful thank you to Mahakhi evolves into much more than that... (Coming soon.)

Part 12: Trickery
The time comes to leave the East Tribe, and odd farewells are given... (Coming soon.)

Part 13: Return
Nehekhi's household is rocked by a horrifying discovery... (Coming soon.)

Part 14: Humanity
A bizarre raid and a bloody find increase tensions in the tribe... (Coming soon.)

Part 15: Interference
The East Tribe lieutenants make a dangerous secret decision... (Coming soon.)

Part 16: Corruption
A horrendous find leads to urgent plans for rebellion... (Coming soon.)

Lost Chapter 1: Decoy
An offering to General T'uris results in rebellion for the East Tribe... (Coming soon.)

Lost Chapter 2: Coup
General Djiu's evening of pleasure is most rudely interrupted... (Coming soon.)

Part 17: Master
A most strange arrival appears at the Great Red Tribe... (Coming soon.)

Part 18: Brute
An encounter in the marketplace leads Ameni into strange trouble... (Coming soon.)

Part 19: Lull
Djuta struggles with an odd fear, while the Kana face an odd interruption... (Coming soon.)

Part 20: Oblivion
A warning to Djuta ends up in three heated encounters... (Coming soon.)

Part 21: Closer
Ameni learns of Djuta's strange past, and Djuta makes a rash decision... (Coming soon.)

Part 22: Intimidation
Djuta's private encounter with Bakh'asu doesn't go quite as planned... (Coming soon.)

Part 23: Memory
Ameni and Thi'usa face a crisis, and Djuta looks back on the past... (Coming soon.)

Part 24: Jealousy
An afternoon of pleasure is interrupted by news from the north... (Coming soon.)

Part 25: Flashback
Djuta's visit with Mahakhi results in a bizarre reaction... (Coming soon.)

Part 26: Killer
A desperate I'anen gets much more than he bargained for... (Coming soon.)

Part 27: Remembrance
Tas'hukh reveals the dreadful truth behind the stranger known as Bakh'asu... (Coming soon.)

Part 28: Savages
The River Tribe receives news from an unexpected source... (Coming soon.)

Lost Chapter 3: Persuasion
Sut'khut speaks before the River Tribe, and a drastic decision is made... (Coming soon.)

Part 29: Combat
As heated passions rise, a deadly war rages, from which not everyone will return... (Coming soon.)

Part 30: Mourning
Tragedy befalls the tribe, and news passes quickly to the south... (Coming soon.)

Part 31: Mistake
Djuta makes a rash decision, with devastating consequences... (Coming soon.)

Part 32: Disguise
Djuta discovers a bizarre secret about the attending physician... (Coming soon.)

Part 33: Outed
Khetai's secret is threatened by a lecherous Kana... (Coming soon.)

Part 34: Relief
Word spreads about Djuta, and Tas'eta finds a respite with his new slave... (Coming soon.)

Part 35: Intervention
Resikh seeks out Ri'hus, and finds more than he expected... (Coming soon.)

Part 36: Imprisonment
Djuta and Rithukh'het make the most of a brief prison cell encounter... (Coming soon.)

Part 37: Judgement
The grand trial of Djuta, Khetai, and U'heta begins... (Coming soon.)

Part 38: Encounter
A lonely Resikh finds himself in an unusual one-night stand... (Coming soon.)

Part 39: Consummation
It's Khetai's first time with her new master, Djuta...and it won't be easy... (Coming soon.)

Part 40: Heir
Mysterious strangers arrive at the Great Red Tribe. What is their purpose...? (Coming soon.)

Part 41: Fling
Pekhten muses, Khetai seeks revenge, and Tas'eta faces a hard reality... (Coming soon.)

Part 42: Coldhearted
An ominous marker is found in the desert, and Djuta deals with Khetai... (Coming soon.)

Part 43: Forgiveness
One Kana's world falls apart, while two others' come together again... (Coming soon.)

Part 44: Homecoming
Fe'kheru returns home, to a decimated tribe, and a longing mate... (Coming soon.)

Part 45: Plotting
Meteri ponders, as plans are made for a risky alliance with an enemy... (Coming soon.)

Part 46: Hope
Tas'hukh decides to make Private Ri'hus his highest priority... (Coming soon.)

Part 47: Skeletons
Djuta shares a painful secret, and Thi'usa shares his fears... (Coming soon.)

Part 48: Alliance
Alliances are formed while passions are sated... (Coming soon.)

Part 49: Confrontation
Training on small and large scales leads to a tense meeting of the tribes... (Coming soon.)

Part 50: Vicious
Fe'kheru makes an odd proposal, and She'hekha acquires an odd possession... (Coming soon.)

Part 51: Fury
Djuta receives good news--but the happiness does not last long... (Coming soon.)

Part 52: Nullify
Djuta faces both devastation and joy, in one bewildering night... (Coming soon.)

Part 53: Duel
The great duel between General Mahakhi and Captain Fe'kheru commences... (Coming soon.)

Part 54: Healer
Tas'hukh learns what Ri'hus really wants, and aid is called to Fe'kheru... (Coming soon.)

Part 55: Awakening
Tas'hukh spends a pleasurable morning, while Djuta receives an offer from the enemy... (Coming soon.)

Part 56: Exchange
Khetai is on the selling block, and Resikh finds himself with a strange new mate... (Coming soon.)

Part 57: Farewell
The enemy tribes part ways, and Djuta makes his final rounds... (Coming soon.)

Part 58: Dreams
Strange dreams abound following Djuta's disappearance... (Coming soon.)

Part 59: Strangers
Djuta meets General Nehara, who has some strange personal habits... (Coming soon.)

Part 60: Shelter
Khetai reaches her new home, and a strange visitor arrives at the Great Red Tribe... (Coming soon.)

Part 61: Warning
Dja'mui tells a horrific tale; and Djuta comes to know Nehara perhaps too well... (Coming soon.)

Part 62: Vision
Nehef, Khetai, and Resikh wonder; and Djuta makes an important ally... (Coming soon.)

Part 63: Confession
Tefkha tells a pained tale; and Khetai is comforted by a willing Djefet... (Coming soon.)

Part 64: Teacher
Rithukh'het pines for her missing master, as Resikh pines for a lost friend... (Coming soon.)

Part 65: Traitor
Djuta sets his plan against Nehara in motion, while Mahakhi ponders his fate... (Coming soon.)

Part 66: Switch
Ri'hus receives an unusual choice, and a scout receives an unpleasant greeting... (Coming soon.)

Part 67: Revelation
Djuta receives a shock, and far away, Nehef receives the same... (Coming soon.)

Part 68: Talk
Khetai and Tefkha both learn surprising things from the Kana who antagonize them... (Coming soon.)

More to come...

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