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TITLE: Various.

GENRES: Various, mainly fantasy/mythology.

RATING: Various.

SUMMARY: Back in high school, I wrote a series of stories, based on Egyptian mythology, compiled into a book called City Of The Sun. Three of those stories ("The Destruction Of Mankind" myth) will someday be turned into the new City Of The Sun novel. Two more of those stories dealing with Anubis were/are going to be incorporated into the novels Horus and Osiris. The remaining five stories were completely rewritten...and more have been added since then. Those stories--"Sobek & Hathor," "Kebehut," "I Shot An Arrow Into The Air...," "Sovereignty," and "The Price Of Forgetfulness"--are now presented here, along with the newer stories, for your reading enjoyment. NOTE!--considering the extreme adult content of many of the stories rated above PG-13, some of them cannot be posted here, not even under the Mature Content filter. For this reason, with a few possible exceptions, I'll be posting only author's notes (when applicable) and excerpts. (Stories posted in their entirety will be marked with the "COMPLETE STORY" label.) Contact information for me to e-mail you a ZIP file with the uncensored content in HTML, PDF, and plaintext format will be available; the information under "Copyright," below, still applies. Please contact me only if you are over eighteen years of age or the legal age to read adult written material in your jurisdiction.



LENGTH: Various.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Various; please see individual items.

COPYRIGHT: These stories and all characters, unless otherwise stated in the Disclaimers, are copyright © tehuti_88 and may not be used or distributed without permission. The reader is free to print out or download a copy of these stories for offline reading as long as the author's copyright information remains upon them. Please do not distribute; if you wish to share these stories, send a link to this page.

DISCLAIMERS: Certain characters are from Egyptian mythology. Although aspects of these stories are loosely based on Egyptian mythology and culture, artistic license has been taken as these are FANTASY stories. Please take note that some of these stories were written long ago and that my writing style and understanding of the mythology I created have changed vastly in the meantime.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Fantasy Newsletter Feature Of The Month, April 2002 ("Sovereignty") (Writing.com).

Table Of Contents

G To PG-13 Rated
These stories may contain violence, mild adult language, and adult situations, but no overt sexual content:

Another One Down
Can putting all your heart into something be more trouble than it's worth?

Apophis's Day On Earth
When hatred is given a face. An original myth. Adult subject matter.

Baby Love
Here comes Love--dressed in a quiver and diapers! An original myth.

Birth Of A God
A mother gives up her child, in order to save him...an original myth.

Blind To Love
Is it love that's blind? Or those who love? An original myth.

Who would have the gall to challenge the sun god himself? An original myth.

Coming Home
Waiting for one who is lost to return. An original myth.

He came from nowhere. Who is he? What horrors did he endure? An original myth.

The First Priestess Of Upuat
What it means to be the chosen one. An original myth. Mildly adult subject matter.

First Wife
In with the new wife--out with the old? An original myth.

I Shot An Arrow Into The Air...
Love is a dangerous thing...especially in the wrong hands! An original myth.

Ihi & The Fish Of Ra
"Amazing how such a little thing can cause such big trouble!" An original myth.

What happens when the god of death falls in love...with a mortal? An original myth.

Never underestimate the little guy...or his rival. An original myth.

Policy Of Truth
He was taught to always be truthful. Now, that lesson is tested...an original myth.

The Price Of Forgetfulness
What if the enemy of your enemy...is an angry god bent on revenge? An original myth.

Secret Children
A friend vows to bring back what was lost long ago. An original myth.

She Is Yours
She came late one night, with an offering... An original myth.

Sobek & Hathor, AKA Heart Of Clay
What happens when the goddess of love doesn't WANT to fall in love? An original myth.

Something In The Moonlight
What can bring fear to the fearless?...or is this feeling fear at all? An original myth.

Despair can lead to drastic acts...but what do THEY lead to? An original myth.

A captain agonizes over which he should choose: his king, or the one chosen by destiny...

'Tis Better To Have Loved
Once you've felt it, it's hard to let go...as Hathor learns. An original myth.

Two Brothers
Sometimes, you have to dig a little deep to find the source of things...

More to come...

R Rated & Up
*This story may contain violence, adult language, adult situations, and no/mild sexuality; it would likely carry a rating between hard PG-13 and soft R, and could likely appear on network TV. Reader discretion advised.

**This story may contain (graphic) violence, adult language, adult situations, and (graphic) sexuality; it would likely carry a rating between R and NC-17, and would require this site's Mature Content filter. For this reason, only the author's notes and possibly a sample have been posted; please contact the author for an uncensored copy. Reader discretion strongly advised.

***This story may contain (graphic) violence, adult language, adult situations, and (graphic) sexuality; it would likely carry a rating between R and X, and contains objectionable/disturbing material which is not covered by this site's Mature Content filter. For this reason, only the author's notes and possibly a sample have been posted; please contact the author for an uncensored copy. Reader discretion very strongly advised.

Apophis's Day
Original scene that was toned down for the novella. Extreme violence.
(Apophis/Maftet, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Brotherly Love
Loved ones reunite after too long spent apart...
(Set/Nephthys, M/F) (Coming soon.)

By The Riverside
A fitting bride should be properly addressed, the first time...
(Montu/Rattaui, M/F) (Coming soon.)

A god has chosen his mate. But is she willing?
(Upuat/Taheret, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Divine Fire
In the supreme moment, will his secret be revealed...?
(Horus/Hathor, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Family Affair
Let's hope Daddy doesn't find out...
(Tumu/Ba-Pef/Shepset, M/M/F) (Coming soon.)

The God's Visit
A god descends to honor a mortal...
(Ra/Pahet, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Great Royal Wife
Anger isn't necessarily a turnoff...
(Ra/Nebhet Hotep, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Green-Eyed Monster
A betrothal isn't necessarily a promise...
(Aker/Buto, M/F; Hapi/Nekhbet, M/F; Hapi/Renenet, M/F; Hapi/Buto/Nekhbet, F/M/F) (Coming soon.)

Lap Dance
There isn't really any dancing going on...
(Sokar/Selket, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Let Me
Similar pasts can create a better future...
(Upuat/Maftet, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Little Sister
Be careful who you spend the night with--someone else may be watching...
(Ra/Rayet, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Serving one's king takes on a whole new meaning for this young soldier...
(King Menes/Bata, M/M) (Coming soon.)

Master For A Day
From powerless to all-powerful.
(Upuat/Seii, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Mighty Bull
It's time for the king to serve his soldier...
(King Menes/Bata, M/M) (Coming soon.)

The Painful Past
This story won't end as sadly as it began...
(Upuat/Maftet, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Passing The Night
She says no...but does she really mean it...?
(King Menes/Idut, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Two dark spirits make an excellent couple...
(Sokar/Selket, M/F) (Coming soon.)

The Rivals
Jealous of what Daddy has...?
(Sokar/Selket, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Role Reversal
Sometimes it's best to placate your tormentor... (Nonconsensual violence)
(Upuat/Seii, M/F) (Coming soon.)

A king and his queen pass the night together...
(King Menes/Queen Ankhnes-Mery-Ra, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Things Fall Apart
Even in uncertain times, between uncertain allies, love can be found...
(Anubis/Bastet, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Sometimes, a dream is even better than the real thing.
(Sokar/Upuat/Selket, M/F/M; Sokar/Upuat, M/M) (Coming soon.)

Wandering Thoughts
Two deities share a brief interlude, before going their separate ways...
(Set/Astarte, M/F; Set/Nephthys, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Being married to a god doesn't mean one can't be jealous sometimes...
(Ra/Renenet, M/F; Min/Renenet, M/F; Hapi/Renenet, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Who will do the breaking in--him, or her...?
(King Menes/Ta-Merit, M/F) (Coming soon.)

More to come...

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