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Manitou Island Fiction

In the late Eighties/early Nineties, a friend and I, inspired by a trip to Mackinac Island, Michigan's Haunted Theater, began work on a story we entitled A Nightmare On Manitou Island. This story was never finished, but after my friend moved away I wrote a group of short stories set in this fictional location, entitled The Legends Of Manitou Island. This was followed by an unfinished collection entitled The Further Legends Of Manitou Island, the stories outlining the adventures of the natives, demons, and various creatures who called the Island home.

About a decade later in 2001, I began a story based on a writing prompt in an effort to see if I could write a chapter a week of a Web serial until its completion, without an outline, as well as if I could write an entire story from one point of view. The protagonists, Charmian and Drake, had their names taken at random from a baby names book, and were created almost on the spot, solely for the series.

Manitou Island ran from 2001-2003 and reached 110 chapters and over 380,000 words. Its sequel, Return To Manitou Island, ran from 2003-2005, reaching 139 chapters and over 605,000 words. Escape From Manitou Island began in 2005 and as of 2009 is ongoing at almost 200 chapters with more to come. There are plans for a fourth serial, Beneath Manitou Island, following EFMI's completion. In addition to the main serials are the shorter "Tales From Manitou Island" which are along the lines of the old Legends Of Manitou Island from my school years.

Manitou Island started out as a casual experiment and has ended up becoming a nearly fulltime project that has not only helped me improve my writing and led to me learning a great deal about the area I live in and the peoples who lived here, but has also changed my entire belief structure and worldview, and spawned numerous characters and beings I've come to know as closely as friends. As of this writing, Charmian (who to this day has no last name) is my most fully developed female character, and is one of my two favorites (the other being Damien of my D Is For Damien series).

It's my small hope that anyone who reads these ongoing stories will be entertained, and my big hope that perhaps they find something in the writings which changes their lives as well. I'm not seeking publication or style advice, but I welcome all sincere comments. I'm especially interested in hearing from fans of the stories or anyone intensely interested in Mackinac Island or Ojibwa mythology.

Table Of Contents

Manitou Island
Wolf demons, wind giants, mystical dreams...an original serial fantasy.

Return To Manitou Island
An evil from Manabozho's past threatens to destroy the magical Manitou Island.

Escape From Manitou Island
An evil spirit's plans take the gang far from Manitou Island, in order to save it...

Beneath Manitou Island
War erupts for the fate of Manitou Island... (Coming soon.)

Tales From Manitou Island
Short tie-in stories to the Manitou Island serial.

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