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Tales From Manitou Island

TITLE: Various.

GENRES: Various, mainly fantasy/mythology.

RATING: Various.

SUMMARY: Here you may find short "tie-in" stories related to my serial, Manitou Island. Many of them take place long before the serial itself, and are "genesis" stories of how the different characters came to be the way they are in the serial. Many of them do not feature spoilers since there is such a big gap in time, but just in case one ever does, do not worry; I will include ample warning in the author's note so you can shy away! These stories are very loosely based on the native Ojibwa (Chippewa) mythology which is the basis of the serial. Much of it is also of my own creation. If you want to know more, you can see the serial, or just check out the short stories. NOTE!--considering the extreme adult content of many of the stories rated above PG-13, some of them cannot be posted here, not even under the Mature Content filter. For this reason, with a few possible exceptions, I'll be posting only author's notes (when applicable) and excerpts. (Stories posted in their entirety will be marked with the "COMPLETE STORY" label.) Contact information for me to e-mail you a ZIP file with the uncensored content in HTML, PDF, and plaintext format will be available; the information under "Copyright," below, still applies. Please contact me only if you are over eighteen years of age or the legal age to read adult written material in your jurisdiction.



LENGTH: Various.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Various; please see individual items.

COPYRIGHT: These stories and all characters, unless otherwise stated in the Disclaimers, are copyright © tehuti_88 and may not be used or distributed without permission. The reader is free to print out or download a copy of these stories for offline reading as long as the author's copyright information remains upon them. Please do not distribute; if you wish to share these stories, send a link to this page.

DISCLAIMERS: Ocryx and his "species" are © the Haunted Theatre of Mackinac Island. Certain characters such as Manabozho are from Ojibwa mythology. Although aspects of these stories are loosely based on Ojibwa mythology and culture, artistic license has been taken as these are FANTASY stories. Please take note that some of these stories were written long ago and that my writing style and understanding of the mythology I created have changed vastly in the meantime.


Table Of Contents

G To PG-13 Rated
These stories may contain violence, mild adult language, and adult situations, but no overt sexual content:

Alpha & Beta
There is always someone more powerful than you...

A Bad Wind Rising
Something evil arises near Devil's Lake...

Some promises are more easily made than kept...

Chance Meeting
One innocent, one evil...how do two such worlds meet?...

Daughter Of The Demon
Sometimes, the child holds more power than the parent...

Demon's Seed
Once in a while, the underdog triumphs...by strange means...

Fly Away Home
What happens when two destinies meet.

Hatred's Birth
Jealousy and pettiness--how hatred was born on the Island.

Homeward Bound
The Rainbowbringer decides to return home...but will he be accepted?...

Manabozho & The Maples
Why maple syrup is so hard to get. Based on a Native American (Ojibwa) myth.

The Prize
What will Remy have to give up to win the ultimate prize?...

If you wait long enough, he will come...

As if one angry demon isn't enough...here's his mate!

Return To Me
When your enemy has long watched over you...are they your friend?...

Stranger In A Strange Land
Mainlander, Islander...what happens when we lose our way.

A monstrous evil is first unleashed...

Winter Born
Fear is learned. But is it always necessary?...

More to come...

R Rated & Up
*This story may contain violence, adult language, adult situations, and no/mild sexuality; it would likely carry a rating between hard PG-13 and soft R, and could likely appear on network TV. Reader discretion advised.

**This story may contain (graphic) violence, adult language, adult situations, and (graphic) sexuality; it would likely carry a rating between R and NC-17, and would require this site's Mature Content filter. For this reason, only the author's notes and possibly a sample have been posted; please contact the author for an uncensored copy. Reader discretion strongly advised.

***This story may contain (graphic) violence, adult language, adult situations, and (graphic) sexuality; it would likely carry a rating between R and X, and contains objectionable/disturbing material which is not covered by this site's Mature Content filter. For this reason, only the author's notes and possibly a sample have been posted; please contact the author for an uncensored copy. Reader discretion very strongly advised.

The Arrangement
Sometimes, you have to shake things up a little...
(Tooth/Little Fawn, M/F) (Coming soon.)

The Bargain
A deal struck with a demon doesn't necessarily have to be unpleasant...
(Ocryx/Justine Dupries, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Beautiful To Me
The way it all began.
(Tal Natha/Red Bird, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Blood Hunger
This time, he isn't here just for her blood...
(Unnamed GeeBee/Emma Leeds, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Come Away
When the one you love is half spirit...how do you say no?
(Manabozho/Lily Flower, M/F) (Coming soon.)

The Demon Comes
A strange pairing, which leads to a powerful result...
(Ocryx/Leaves Falling, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Emerald Cave
Sometimes it's best to learn from experience...
(Ocryx/Shadow Water, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Will good news be bad news...?
(Tal Natha/Red Bird, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Family Picture
Parenthood isn't the end of desire...
(Tal Natha/Red Bird, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Father's Daughter
When you can't refuse a lusting demon...then use him to your own advantage...
(Ocryx/Silver Eagle Feather, M/F) (Coming soon.)

First Night
Two of a kind, coming together for the first time...
(Niskigwun (Ruffled Feathers)/Half Sky, M/F; Unnamed man/Half Sky, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Good Enough For You
Don't sell your mate short; they may enjoy you more than you think...
(Black Elk Horn/Silver Eagle Feather, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Guessing Game
Sometimes all you have to do is speak up!
(Justin Dupries/Little Dove, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Sometimes, dark legends are rather appealing...
(Ocryx/Nita, M/F) (Coming soon.)

The Lure
Not really a love story. More like a hate story...
(Ocryx/Ocryana, M/F) (Coming soon.)

New Mates
Good things cannot be kept a secret forever...
(X'aaru/Khiieta, M/F) (Coming soon.)

New To This
The process is tedious, but the end result is worth it...
(Mitchi Manitou/Ocryana, M/F) (Coming soon.)

The Outsider
Be careful what you spy on...
(Tal Natha/Red Bird, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Pressing Need
You shouldn't keep your need to yourself...
(Tal Natha/Red Bird, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Sex Change
He's afraid to show his wild side, but she's not afraid to see it...
(Justin Dupries/Little Dove, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Ready for a ride...?
(Ocryx/Nicolette, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Sleeping With The Enemy
Perhaps enemies can grow to be closer than friends...
(Ocryx/Shadow Water, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Stealing Away
Young love shouldn't have to hide itself...
(X'aaru/Khiieta, M/F; Ocryx/Shadow Water, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Sometimes, what we need the most is right in front of us...
(Justin Dupries/Unnamed manitou, M/F; Justin Dupries/Little Dove, M/F) (Coming soon.)

He's frustrated, but has plenty to choose from all around him...
(Ocryx/Unnamed manitou, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Two Of A Kind
Is it love? Lust? Or trickery? He doesn't really care which...
(Justin Dupries/Shadow Water, M/F) (Coming soon.)

Wedding Night
Hunting for a husband can't be all that bad, if you know where to look...
(Francois LaCroix/Crooked Creek, M/F) (Coming soon.)

What's Good For The Goose...
This bargain might be a little painful to bear...
(Gerard Dupries/Ocryana, M/F) (Coming soon.)

The Witness
Backstory for a Manitou Island character. Extreme violence.
(Unnamed native/Unnamed native/Angelique LaCroix, M/F) (Coming soon.)

The Wolf & The Oriole
Sometimes, imperfection is needed more than perfection...
(Moon Wolf/Oriel (Oriole), M/F; Moon Wolf/Ocryana, M/F) (Coming soon.)

More to come...

Manitou Island Fiction

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