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Soon the flowers to open wide,
Petals spread to the growing day,
Rising tall by the riverside;
Ice crystals float in slow ballet;
Now the birds' awakening song,
Growing bold as the day grows long.

Sunlight striking the mirrored lake,
Under the trees in dappled green,
Making sparks in a lone swan's wake,
Moving on wings with snowy sheen;
Ending the day with skies of red,
Reaching up high, stars overhead.

A scent of spice in cooling air;
Umber and scarlet line the leaves;
The bright leer of a pumpkin's stare;
Under moonlight the wheat's in sheaves;
Mornings the ground covered with frost,
Nights when the geese cry of warmth lost.

Wind whips ice through the barren field;
In the snow lines are traced by cold;
Nature's harsh side is now revealed
Through a new year that has grown old;
Ending, though, may mean a new start--
Resting is spring in winter's heart.



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