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Haiku For The Year

Haiku For The Year

trees bow their bare heads
under chilly caps of ice
in contemplation

the roads devour tires
and hungry snow bites down hard
on frozen windshields

the blizzard roars in
one fails to see through the white
wall before the eyes

the melt is snow's tears
one counts the months in puddles
as booted feet splash

the breath of the wind
is fresh now as the moist soil
lets loose trapped flowers

peepers in the swamp
voice the green glimmerings of
newly born leaflets

the growl of thunder
is the discontent of clouds
trapped too long in heat

the fat grasshoppers
can barely summon their song
under the dry sun

a breeze breathes upon
leaves of green; whispers turn them
to copper and gold

the ground crunches in
protest that one should crack its
silent solitude

sugar powder snow
dusts all that doesn't move and
nips at all that does

snowflakes grow fat now
feeding off each other as
they pile one on one



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