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Alone In The Sunlit Valley

Alone In The Sunlit Valley

The hills rise up at my sides,
Tops shrouded in cloud and in mist;
Shadows creep slow down their slopes,
The treetops with morning dew kissed.
Dark cloaks the landscape in gray;
I stand in the valley alone;
The sun lifts over the peaks,
Falling upon grass and on stone.
As light casts off the shadows,
I feel a chill bite the air;
But the warmth soon burns it off,
Thinning in the sun's yellow glare.
And as the light strikes my face,
Breaking the shadows' night-gray spell,
I turn to call out in joy--
But there is no one 'round to tell.
As I shout out loud to rejoice,
Only the valley hears my voice.



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